Light is the source of  energy… the luminosity of being… a manifestation of spirit.

The ever-changing light steadfastly beckons me. The way light shines through glass, bounces off chrome, and reflects off water, creating its own energy, captivates me.

Utilizing the Sun, triangular lenses, primes, vinyl and other materials, connected waves of light are channeled, dispersed and diffused, into individual particles. These photographs transform and transcend shadows, shapes and sunlight, becoming brand-new creations all their own.

The purposeful simplicity of my compositions is intended to open and enlighten the mind and spirit of the viewer, evoking their own perspective. To fully engage with my photographs, I believe it is best to see them with a child’s eye, open to the amazement of simple things. My aspiration is for viewers to feel the images resonate, with the harmony of the light and the dark, that balance each other… that are interdependent upon each other.